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FDA: Botulism Risk in Canned Green Beans & Garbanzo Beans (issued Jan 18,2008)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced January 18, 2008, that New Era Canning Company, New Era, Mich., is expanding its product recall because of potential Clostridium botulinum (C. botulinum) contamination to all canned green beans and garbanzo beans distributed by the company nationwide over the last five years.

C. botulinum can cause botulism, a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition. The affected cans are large institutional-sized containers, weighing approximately six and a half pounds.

For specific brands and codes of green beans and garbanzo beans that are subject to this recall, consumers and retailers can access this information at the following link:

FDA initiated the inspection at New Era, along with inspections of other low acid canned food (LACF) manufacturers, following four cases of botulism in consumers who had consumed canned hot dog chili sauce in the summer of 2007 (see

Additional information on this recall is posted on the FDA website at

The current recall is a follow up on previous related recalls issued as follows

A scrolling list of recent FDA recalls is provided on this website at

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