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Emergency Action Plan Update Reminder (Sept. 4, 2007)

   Department heads, it is once again time to update your departmental Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and to review departmental safety procedures. Department heads (and other division managers and supervisors) should note the following requirements under NMSU Emergency Action Program and OSHA regulations:

  • each NMSU department (division, etc.) is responsible for providing an EAP for their employees and buildings
  • the plan is to be updated and reviewed with all department staff once a year (the review should be documented, e.g. a sign-off sheet).

     Guidance and related campus security information are posted on the NMSU safety website ( and our office provides training on the Emergency Action Planning. References are also provided in the NMSU Employee Safety Handbook.

     If you have an existing plan, just review and update the document with the department’s assembly location(s) and the contact information for two EAP coordinators. Submit this information to the via the update link on the Emergency Action Plan web database (link to database). All EAP plans over a year old has been reset to allow update. Note that this year each plan will establish a user name and password to allow periodic updates as needed in the future.

     If you do not have a plan, an simple model plan is provided on our website. In addition the cited webpage provides links to instructions on creating a departmental phone tree and a checklist on main points that should be included in the EAP plan. Also EH&S will hold several, one hour classes in August and September on Emergency Action Planning.  Interested personnel, department heads and/or EAP coordinators are welcome to attend.  Registration & schedule are on the EH&S safety web at Once you have established your plan, report the pertain points to the EAP web database ( link to database).

     Please respond by updating/submitting the information to the EAP database by September 14. Also note that NMSU Safety & Security Initiatives began in August and will continue through September.  These will include several unannounced (No Notice) evacuations at Academic and other campus buildings (starting next Monday, September 10). Details were sent via ABCD emails and are posted on the NMSU Safety weblog at

Thank you

David Shearer,
Industrial Hygienist,
Environmental Health & Safety

Link to EAP Update (original) email

Link to No Notice Evacuations email

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