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Update: Botulism outbreak and food products recall (Aug 17, 2007)

    News releases from the New Mexico Environment Department note that public health and food regulatory officials in New Mexico and nationwide continue investigating an outbreak of botulism associated with over 90 canned products (human and animal food, see listing below) sold under various brands which were manufactured by Castleberry’s Food Company.

    A recent (July 31) NMED press release indicated the agency continues to work to ensure that retail outlets, food pantries, and other agencies that serve or distribute canned goods are no longer serving the recalled products and that consumers discard the recalled products.

    The recalled food product were made by Castleberry Foods and sold under following brands names: Austex; Best; Black Rock; Bloom; Bryan; Bunker Hill; Castleberrys; Cattle Drive; Firefighters; Food Club; Food Lion; Goldstar; Great Value (Canadian brand only); Kroger; Lowes Foods; Meijer; Morton House; Paramount; Piggly Wiggly; Prudence; Southern Home; Steak n Shake; Thrifty Maid; Triple Bar Ranch; Value Time; and Animal food sold as Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs.

    The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is also investigating a suspect case of botulism in a Sandoval County resident.(LINK)

Numerous food products by the manufacture were recalled. Product listings are in the following:

Previous news releases with related or additional information on the recalled food products:

There is also a related US FDA recall for Lakeside cut green beans sold nationwide under the following labels: Albertson’s, Happy Harvest, Best Choice, Food Club, Bogopa, Valu Time, Hill Country Fare, HEB, Laura Lynn, Kroger, No Name, North Pride, Shop N Save, Shoppers Valu, Schnucks, Cub Foods, Dierbergs, Flavorite, IGA, Best Choice and Thrifty Maid: Lakeside product recall (LINK)

If you have questions on the recalls, please

  • check the NMED News website: website (LINK) or
  • call N.M.E.D. at 505-222-9500 (Albuquerque) & 505-524-6300 (Las Cruces), or
  • call the Castleberry’s hotline at 800-203-4412.


Current information on these and other recalled food products by the Food and Drug Administration are noted on the FDA RSS feed at EH&S NEWS: PRODUCT RECALLS (LINK)

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