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Las Cruces Police report a rash of auto burglaries near NMSU campus (Aug. 8, 2007)

    NMSU Police has passed on a report from Las Cruces Police Department that notes a large recent increase (>40 since July) auto burglaries in the area just north of the NMSU campus.

    Since many NMSU students, staff, and faculty live, shop, and/or park in this area, the NMSU Police have forwarded the report to the University Community. In many cases, the vehicles burglarized have had open windows and/or unlocked doors. NMSU officers report seeing some of the same issues on campus, so remember to roll up windows, lock doors, and remove valuables (especially keys) from your vehicle if it is left unattended.

    The Las Cruces Police provide the following recommendations:
    1. Park vehicles in a garage or in a well-lighted area.
    2. Roll up windows and lock doors.
    3. Remove valuables or keep them out of sight.
    4. Remove keys and garage door openers.
    5. Use an audible vehicle alarm system.
    6. Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

    Specific information on past buglaries should be reported to Las Cruces Crime Stoppers (526-8000)

    LINK: August 8 2007 report from Las Cruces Police

    Contact Information
    NMSU Police — website - phone (505) 646-3311
    City of Las Cruces Police Department — website - phone (505) 528-4200

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