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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee, Synopsis of July 10, 2007 Meeting

    The meeting began at 3:08 PM, EH&S Training Facility, Academic Research Unit C.

    Members Present: Lori McKee, Katrina Doolittle, John Balog, Jose Gamon, Darrell Smith, Joe Palmer, Ruben Torrez, Teresa Brobeck, Stephen Lopez, Teresa Burgin, Mary Jaspers, Stephanie Roybal (for Nancy Baptiste), Mike O’Larey, Esperanza Villanueva Joyce, David Pearse, Angela Arvizo (for Scott Moore).

    Topics discuss (more detail)
    1. CoOP plans from Departments on CDPC
    2. N-95 respirators masks for high-risk activities with ill persons.
    3. cost for consumables
    4. Financial workgroup will need to establish a cost estimate.
    5. mitigation strategies for ICT and overall disaster recovery plan.
    6. Nursing Dept mitigation strategy includes offering mental health counseling.
    7. on-line medical reserve sign-up is active
    8. personnel working at home .
    9. CoOP and an updated Emergency Action plan for Speech & Hearing.
    10. NMSU will need to lend assistance to the community and plans for doing so are in-process
    11. EH&S CoOP on compensatory time
    12. information on cleaning restrooms.
    13. NCAA accreditation visit to focus on preparedness and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.
    14. update to the Administrative Council in September. Departments need to have a CoOP before that date.
    15. $10,000.00 allocated to purchase emergency preparedness related software
    16. July 31st was established as the deadline to submit electronic copies of COOPs
    17. working groups need to begin meeting.
    18. next meeting September 11, 2007 at 3:00 PM

    LINK: Summary of the July 10 meeting from the 7/18/2007 email is provided here. There will be no meeting in August.

    Additional Pan Flu information is provided at

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