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OSHA unveils a new pandemic flu guide for healthcare workers

     Personal protection has improved since
    this photo from the 1918 pandemic.
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    The OSHA website recently announced the release (May 21, 2007) of a new safety and health guide to help healthcare workers and their employers prepare for a possible influenza pandemic.

    The document includes technical information on infection control and industrial hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection in healthcare settings; workplace preparations and planning issues; suggestions on personal/respiratory protection and work practices; as well as OSHA standards that have special importance to pandemic preparedness planners and responders in the industry.

    In addition, a wide range of information and tools helpful to pandemic planners is included: Internet resources, communication tools, sample infection control programs, and self-triage and home care resources. It also offers how-to advice on diagnosis and treatment of staff during a pandemic, developing planning and supply checklists, and risk communication.

    The document is the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Guidance for Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers and is available at

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