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“Sneeze in your sleeve” video on EH&S Emergency webpage (03/16/07)

    A link to a ~5 minute streaming video,”Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves”, demonstrating sneezing in your sleeve as a way of minimizing spread of germs and viruses has been posted under the Communicable Disease Tab on the NMSU emergency management webpage.

    As part of the University Communicable Disease Preparedness program, EH&S has paid the producer, OtoRhinoLounsburgology Productions, for the rights to show the video to NMSU employees and students on our website.

    In addition to the video, the emergency management webpage includes information and links to the NMSU Communicable Disease (Pandemic Flu) Response Plan as well as the Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP), Emergency Action Plan, Emergency Alert Messages, Weather updates, and RSS links to related news from the Center for Disease Control, Health and Human Services, and World Health Organization.

    The video files are WMV and MOV which are formatted respectively for Windows Media Player and Quick Time player (player download links are provided). These files may also run on other compatibility players.

    Depending on your computer configuration the video may play automatically when the link is selected, alternately you may have to save file and then open it with the appropriate player.

    Note: This video is only accessible to NMSU registered computers on the university network system. Additional details and unrestricted clips from the video are at

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