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New Mexico State University
  • Enhancing Power Options

    Satish Ranade is all charged up about his work on microgrids. The professor of electrical engineering heads up a team of NMSU researchers studying emerging paradigms for power system delivery and supply.

  • Mission Support

    Joanne Esparza is helping to safeguard our country's interests at home and abroad. As part of her work at NMSU’s Physical Science Laboratory, she manages large DOD contracts in support of various missions.

  • Water Solutions

    Sam Fernald is leading a multi-institutional, National Science Foundation project centered on a group of acequia (community irrigation) systems and their surrounding watersheds in northern New Mexico.

  • Fighting Cancer

    Jeffrey Arterburn’s recent research breakthrough opens avenues to diagnosing and treating cancer—and ultimately finding a cure.

  • Future Fuel

    Peter Lammers, an authority on algal biofuels,  directs NMSU’s multi-disciplinary research utilizing genomics, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology and economics.

  • Take Flight

    Steve Hottman oversees the only UAS FTC authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a variety of unmanned aircraft in national airspace.

  • Biofuel Biz

    Cara Meghan Starbuck Downes partners with colleagues in academia, private industry and the federal government to move the biofuel industry toward commercialization.

  • Sound Science

    Elba Serrano’s laboratory investigates the development of the nervous system with an emphasis on the sensory organ systems responsible for hearing and balance.

  • STEM Education

    Susan Brown is making science and math more exciting for students and their teachers. She wants students to make STEM fields top of mind when it comes to career choice.